AC & Heat Repair

ac and heat repairThere’s absolutely nothing worse than having to suffer through a long drive in the middle of summer with no air conditioning. You’re left sweaty, frustrated, and begging for the drive to be over. But as the years and miles start to add up on our vehicles, it’s natural for the air conditioning system to deteriorate. And a faulty air conditioning system can be a source of more than just discomfort, it can be disastrous for your entire vehicle as well! However, with proper service, maintenance, and upkeep, your car’s air conditioner should last you for a while, keeping your drives easy and breezy.


When when you have the right mechanics in your corner, the time spent in the shop should be short and quick so you can get back to cruising on the highway on the road to your next big adventure. For the best auto AC service and repair in Lewisville, TX, drivers know they can rely on the team here at Lakeshore Automotive to get them where they need to go in comfort. Don’t wait around to get your car’s air conditioner the repairs it needs, swing by Lakeshore Automotive today!

Auto AC Service Lewisville TX

When the air conditioning in your car is in top notch shape, drives feel cool and breezy, and you might never actually want your drive to end! That’s why it’s important for responsible drivers to stay on top of their air conditioning service needs. And at Lakeshore Automotive, we take your comfort behind the wheel seriously, getting you the best auto AC service in Lewisville, TX, guaranteed. Swing by and see the team here at Lakeshore Automotive today, and let us get you back into a cool and comfortable ride!

Auto AC Repair Lewisville TX

Putting off repairs for the air conditioner in your car can become a source of more than just discomfort, it can lead to dire consequences out on the road. A common culprit of auto AC troubles is leaking refrigerant, which can lead to some serious damage if left unchecked. Or you might be facing mold and mildew buildup in the vents because of excess moisture, blowing toxic particles back into the cabin of your car. Thankfully, the pros here at Lakeshore Automotive are here to get you top notch auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX that will leave your car cool and breezy.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

For quality auto AC repair service in Lewisville, TX, there’s nowhere else to go than the team of expert mechanics here at Lakeshore Automotive! Give us a call or stop by and see us at our shop today to get your car the air conditioner service it deserves!

FREEA/C Performance Check


  • Pressure Check
  • Visual Inspection
  • Vent Temperature Check
  • Cabin Filter Check (most cars)

Does not include refrigerant, evac, or dye and electrical testing, Cannot be combined with any other offer.


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